The Legality Of
Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom

The Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman was the successor of the name of Muara Kaman. This kingdom originated from the Malay Kingdom of 17-350 AD in the Age of the prisoners and was continued by Kudungga until 375 and was replaced by his son-in-law in 375 by establishing the first country of the archipelago, named the Kingdom of Sagara with Kutanegara Bakulapura. (Muara Kaman) The Kingdom of Sagara in 1635 was controlled by the VOC and then the Dutch East Indies, England and Japan and became the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945. So in 1988 the reorganization of history began until 1999 to 2001 based on the approval of the Regent Drs. H. Syaukani. HR, as the Kutai Kartanegara Regency Government who signed the Mulawarman Traditional Ceremony Committee on March 23, 2000 which was called CERAU and the Letter of Approval from the Kutai Kertanegara Sultanate Ing Martapura on September 1, 2001 and the Will on the Strengthening of Power of Attorney and Number: 1 .Special 03.09.2001.

So the return of Customs and Customs and Customary Law in Muara Kaman has met the requirements both in terms of governance and customary rights according to the letters shown at the Samarinda District Court which registered it with No. W18-U1/2339/HK.02.3/VII/2012 and No.W18-U1/2341/HK.

The Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman which is legally led by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sripaduka Baginda Berdaulat Agung Maharaja Srinala Praditha Alpiansyah Rechza Fachlevi Wangsawarman Yang Dipertuan Agung Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman (His Imperial Majesty Prof. Dr. MSPA Iansyah Rechza. FW, Ph.D Sovereign Emperor Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom) serves the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman is a name in the era of independence in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which is protected by Regional Regulation Number 7 of 2000, the Great Customary Institution of Muara Kaman District was inaugurated by the Kukar Regional Government in accordance with the Regent’s Decree Number 140/079/PD-III/SK/II/2002 dated 13 February 2002 concerning the Appointment of the Chief Customary Officer/Traditional Stakeholder, Secretary and Assistant to Customary Institutions in the Muara Kaman District Area. The Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom is sovereign over its sovereign rights and sovereign rights and is sovereign as a culture and customary law kingdom and is institutionalized as an association within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number : AHU-0067708.AH.01.07 Year 2016 Date, July 16, 2016 Regarding the Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom with complete supporting documents from:  National Legal Entities : 

  1. Certificate of Domicile change from 2011 by the Government of Kutai Kartanegara District, Muara Kaman District, Muara Kaman Ilir Village Number: 140,598.1/MKI/XII/2019,
  1. Certificate of Reporting Organization Number: B-20/KESBANGPOL/POLDAGRI-I/220/04/2021 Kutai Kartanegara Regency Government Tenggarong National and Political Unity Agency, 09 April 2021,
  1. Registration Certificate 6 October 2011 Updated with Number: S-4729KT/WPJ.14/KP.0803/2021 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Directorate General of Taxes Regional Office of DGT East and North Kalimantan KPP Pratama Tenggarong concerning Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman NPWP 03.130.467.8- 728.000 Samarinda April 7, 2021,
  1. Personal Postal Giro Account Number, Status 0110022241/ Active on behalf of the Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom as the Center for Cultural Conservation and Customary Law Values ​​from PT Pos Indonesia,

International Legal Entities: 

  1. International legal provisions in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Registration Areas of Expertise and Fields of Economic and Social Activities, Culture, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Information, Justice View General 2016 Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman with the Register UN CSO-Ner – 380945 UNDSS M-1-7939913881 UN VOLUNTEERS-1878931 UN SD GOALS PARTNERSHIPS PLATFORM 36387.
  2. Legal Global Assessment and Accreditation Council Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom Accredited as The Sovereign Monarchy Dynasty House Accreditation Number SMDH04-0692016SG  with good standing of 5 Star Grade valid upto 6th September 2050  INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF DIPLOMATIC RELATION HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE Agustus 2016,
  3. Mutual Recognition and Cooperation Agreement Between World Humanity Commission (WHC) and Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom Given under both parties’ respective hands, on this Thursday, 27th day of August 2020,
  4. Legalization Letter Number : 131/RNC/USAPAB Republican National Committee U.S.A. Presidential Advisory Board EM:7455442064 United State of America This is the testimony that His Royal Majesty Prof. Dr. M.S.P.A. Iansyah Reza. FW, Ph.D Representing, Indonesian Nation Presently Performing his Professionalism with the Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom holding DYMM.SPBA. Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman Rank Status,
  5. International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights Autonomous Arbitrations Court of the United Nation IGO & WG UN PI Treaty of Recognitions and Diplomatic Accreditations Certificate of Recognitions and Bank Immunity This is to hereby state that Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom Cernter of Excellence-Sovereign Welfare and Sosial Development Recognition Number:-060-CESWSD/020D-2021  Given thisday December 21,  2021 Valid Until 2025,

Notes :

  1. Pancasila as the basis of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia and the 1945 Constitution, the formulation of the provisions of Article 18B Paragraph (2) which says “the State recognizes and respects customary law community units and their traditional rights, as long as they are alive and in accordance with Community Development, and the Principles of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Law Number 25 of 2004 concerning the National Development Planning System (State Institution of the Republic of Indonesia Number 104, Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 4421);
  3. Government Regulation Number 72 of 2005 concerning Villages (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4587);
  4. Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 5 of 2007, concerning Guidelines for Structuring Social Institutions.
  5. Joint Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Culture and Tourism Number: 40 and 42 of 2009 concerning Guidelines for Cultural Preservation.
  6. Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 39 of 2007 concerning Guidelines for Facilitating Community Organizations in the Sector of Culture, Palaces, and Traditional Institutions in Preserving and Developing Regional Cultures;
  7. Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 52 of 2007 concerning the Preservation and Development of Customs and Socio-Cultural Values ​​of the Community.
  8. A copy of the Customary Regulations in the Notary Deed of Martin Aliunir, SH In Jakarta No.48 Dated May 25, 2009 concerning the Establishment of a Large Customary Institution of the Republic of Indonesia.
  9. Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number AHU-0016044.AH.01.07. YEAR 2017, Regarding the Legalization of the Establishment of a Legal Entity, the Royal Association of Wakatobi Ing Al Butunie was established in Jakarta on November 08, 2017.



The commitment certificate was sent to Prof. DR. M.S.P. A. Iansyah Rechza. F.W, Ph.D Maharaja in the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman as the organizer of International Peace Education and was appointed as Informal Professor of Peace Education at the Instituto Educando Para a Paz. In this task, the International President for Peace Education has the right to important documents on behalf of the Instituto Educando Para a Paz and has the right to give special judgments to people who are deemed to have contributed to culture, peace and humanity. As such, this letter is conferred as an appointment as an Informal Professor and holding posts of teaching and examiner in the fields of culture, humanity and peace. Issued On March 9, 2020, President and Founder of Peace Education Instituto Educando Para a Paz Prof. Dr. Prince José Carlos Pereira, Ph.D,


Number : 0512.1303.2019

Article 1, Our INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT is Maharaja KUTAI MULAWARMAN, in collaboration with INSTITUTO EDUCANDO PARA A PAZ, since 29 August 2015, which was formed by people of perfect moral integrity.

Article 2, Since the entry into force of this decree, correspondence and certificates are only issued by the Kingdom of KUTAI MULAWARMAN, as the international headquarters of the President of the Instituto Educando Para a Paz.

Note : All matters outside Brazil should be handled at our head office in the Kingdom of KUTAI MULAWARMAN, with the Department of International Relations appointed and appointed by our International President Maharaja KUTAI MULAWARMAN.

SOON, our International President, Maharaja KUTAI MULAWARMAN, will provide us with the entire International Council of the INSTITUTO EDUCANDO PARA A PAZ, We will keep you informed about everything.

You can now contact the International Council on International Education Programs for Peace in Each Year. Find EDUCATION FOR PEACE.

Talk to our INTERNATIONAL President. Issued On March 9, 2020 President and Founder of Peace Education Instituto Educando Para a Paz Prof. Dr. Prince José Carlos Pereira, Ph.D Informações pelo Email

Signing of the UNITED NATIONS Global Compact Academic Body for Business Management, Free Technical Education, for training in Education for Peace and Support for Non-Governmental Organizations, Publishers of Books, Newspapers and Magazines, Committed to 17 SDG Agenda 30 and 10 Principles of Global Compact , Registration of Press Agent MTB 0067.500 SP with Office at: Avenida Paulo Brossard 1745, Bairro Vassouras II, CEP 07957-000.


KNOWING all who have seen, this Treatise with Instrument of Personal Appointment, which, by Decree of the President of Education for the Institute for Peace, (Instituto Educando Para a Paz, Prince José Carlos Pereira, Brazil, married, Journalist born in São José do Rio Preto, State of São Paulo, Federativa do Brasil, holder of Identity Card RG5.140.083-2 SSP-SP, Registered with the Ministry of Finance Number CPF 737.401.958-00, residing and domiciled at Avenida Paulo Brossard, 1745, Casa 3, Bairro Vassouras 2, CEP 79057 -000, Francisco Morato, State of São Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil, recalling the Agreement signed with PROF. DR. M.S.P. A. IANSYAH RECHZA. FW, PH. D, Maharajá Kutai Mulawarman, Education For Institute of Peace, Citizenship and Rights Human Rights, special attention to children – especially orphans – women and the elderly, and all social injustices, such as hunger, misery, illiteracy, violence, disc racial discrimination, skin color, gender, social, religion, against drug trafficking, psychoactive substance abuse, pedophilia, human trafficking, organ trafficking, in poignant activism, focusing on social inclusion, commitment to the 10 Principles of the Global Agenda of the Pact of Nations, 17 SDGs – Millennium United Nations Development Goals Agenda 30, nominate PROF. DR. M.S.P. A. IANSYAH RECHZA. F.W, PH. D, Maharajá Kutai Mulawarman, International President IEP – Educating for Peace Institute, aims to expand the previously signed Convention, taking into account the need to expand our agreement, to voluntarily spread Education for Peace Institutes around the world, in all corners of the world. Therefore, as of February 28, 2019, on this RITE OF APPOINTMENT BY PRIVATE INSTRUMENTS. PROF. DR. M.S.P. A. IANSYAH RECHZA. F.W, PH. D, it is by law and in fact, the President of the International – for the five continents and Oceania, can carry out his functions, within the limits of national and international law, whatever is necessary, for the implementation of projects aimed at Education for the Institute for Peace, Citizenship and Human Rights Humans, Social Justice.

There is no benefit in this agreement, but voluntary work. And because it is true, I sign Present as Founder and President of the Instituto Educando Para Paz.Francisco Morato, February 28, 2019. Prof. Dr. Prince José Carlos Pereira, Ph.D Founder and President of Instituto Educando Para a Paz.

History of the United Nations October 24, 1945 | The UN has officially come into existence. In 1945, representatives from 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organizations to draft the United Nations Charter. Those delegates were discussed on the basis of proposals worked out by representatives from China, the Soviet Union, Britain and the United States at Dumbarton Oaks, USA in August-October 1944.

The charter was signed on June 26, 1945 by representatives of 50 countries. Poland, which was not represented at the Conference, signed it later and became one of the original 51 member states.

The United Nations officially emerged on October 24, 1945, when the Charter was ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by the majority of the other signatories.